Your Future. Your Goals. We Invest. Better Future invests in businesses and develops and operates brands. We follow the path we create.

Better Future is born of the belief that if we take care of each other, the world will be a friendlier place. We love two things: our work and helping others, and we use both as an excuse to do cool projects and meet interesting people.

Comprised of disciplined thinkers, enthusiasts, optimists, and friends — with some accountants to keep things going — Better Future makes spaces for Health and Wellness and tells the stories of our team.

With a creative and operations team that understands the essence of our brands and products — masters of their craft who live, breathe and eat this work — we build brands and architect culture with substance, intelligence, and humanity. Our faith in the unorthodox has led to an industry-changing business and creative model that continues to foster and envision the leading cusp of every field and medium we touch.


#1 Yoga Studio – Yoga Box
#1 Group Fitness – Renegade
#1 Salon – Fox and Jane
#1 Massage – Mellow